The 2nd annual Terra Firma Racing San Juan Hut-to-Hut mountain bike adventure was a huge success and a big thank you to my outstanding Food Team and all of their hard work in banging out the food. I never imagined that one day I would be cooking in the great outdoors and have the opportunity to see creation at it’s finest. I absoutely love what I do and this adventure is a dream come true for this chef. So that you know, Colorado’s Durango to Moab Hut-to-Hut route is an epic 7 day mountain bike tour with nothing short of epic views. Comprised of mostly back country forest service roads with plenty of single track options, the route will challenge all levels of riders while still being supremely enjoyable for anyone with a high level of fitness. Chef Connie and her team prepared all the meals for the riders and volunteer’s which amounted to over 120 pounds of protein, over 150 pounds fresh fruits & veggies, over 20 gallons of Thomas’ campfire coffee which was a hit, banana nut bread, fruity pebble treats, a endless supply of sport beans and much more. On night 6 I bust out the “good stuff” chocolate. We made s’mores, chocolate dipped rice krispie treats, and chocolate dipped payday bars and anything else they wanted to dip in chocolate. It was so awesome for me to bring chocolate in the backwoods of the mountains. The food team stayed in the huts which have no running water or electricity, we went through A LOT of baby wipes. The riders all tent camped out in the mountains. We would stay the night at each hut, get up at 5am and push the riders off with breakfast then we would tear down outdoor kitchen, pack it up and off to the next hut we would go to get there in time for lunch and then prep out for dinner. Thanks to Zoe Fitness who 4 wheeled me and the traveling kitchen each day. We traveled over 214 miles of back roads and climbed over 22,000 + feet through rugged mountains and deserts, which had a few hairy scary moments. This year was awesome for me because I got to do all the shopping for the event. I started in Durango, CO and shopped for days 1-2 and got to come out of the woods and go into town to Clarks Market in Norwood, CO and shop for days 3-4. Days 5-6 I shopped at Family Market in Naturita, CO. Thanks so much to these home town stores that went out of their way to help in every possible way with food purchasing. A HUGE thank you to Scott and Kathy of Terra Firma Racing for choosing Chef Connie to be a part of the greatest epic food adventure/journey ever. Out with a bang!
Please check out my facebook page for all the pics.

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