Today’s Family Friday recipe come’s from my chef friend Tina Buice. Tina grew up along side her Mom cooking and baking in the kitchen. She is sharing her favorite cake that her Mom made, Mocha Cake and I can’t wait to make it. Here is what Tina had to say about her Mom:

My Mother let me start baking at an early age! She was a wonderful woman and Mother. She always allowed me to help her in the kitchen. Never once did she complain about the wrong things I did, she would say, it was always a wonderful effort and next time it will be even better. She truly let me start helping her as soon as I could reach the cabinet standing on her yellow kitchen stool. She was a great cook. For many years I did not know that you could buy cookies in the store, hers were always homemade and delicious.
One of my favorite things she made for us was a Mocha Cake with Carmel Icing. She would allow me to stir and mix the cake ingredients, but until I was almost grown I had to “stand back” and watch her make the Carmel Icing. She was always afraid I would get burned. My precious Mother was such an amazing teacher.
She was so great at allowing me to help her bake and cook, when I went to culinary school, she decided I did not need her help anymore. She was wrong; I would give anything for her to help me now. I know she is in heaven watching over me and helping me whenever I need it.
She not only taught me how to bake she taught me how to be a wonderful savory cook and hostess too. I will always be thankful for the lessons she gave me in the kitchen and in life! My Mother has been in heaven 8 years now and I know that she and Jesus have helped me stay alive so I can help students and people in the culinary world.
Thank you my loving Mother Bobbie Sparger! I love you and miss you!!

Mocha Cake with Caramel Icing
From the kitchen
Chef Tina Sparger-Buice

Cream 2/3 cup melted butter and 2 cups of sugar together, add 2 eggs and ½ cup buttermilk. Sift together 2 cups flour, 4 Tablespoons cocoa, 1 teaspoon baking soda, a dash of salt. Mix with butter and sugar, add 1 cup boiling hot water and mix again. Stir in 1 teaspoon vanilla. Bake 350 for 20 minutes in 9 inch round pans.

Caramel Icing
Caramelize ½ c. sugar in pan (I use and iron skillet). In another pan cook 1 ½ cups sugar and 1 tablespoon flour and ¾ cup canned milk bring to a boil, add this mixture very slowly to caramelized sugar and cook until soft ball stage. Cool icing in pan by placing pan in cool or cold water, beat with a wooden spoon until it is ready to spread. If icing gets too thick add small amounts of milk to make spreading consistency.

Original Recipe from Bobbie Sparger, my dear and precious Mother!


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